What Defines a Luxury Property in Italy: A Buying Guide

Are you looking for a luxury property but haven’t found the right one yet? Do you think that all the properties being offered to you are not really luxurious? You are finally in the right place: here you will find all the answers to your questions. Many desire a prestigious property, but few manage to find one that meets the fundamental requirements to be defined as such. In Italy, a property must have specific and indispensable characteristics to be considered “luxury.”

The definition of “luxury” in Italy is not limited to aesthetics or superficial elegance. A luxury property must meet objective and legal criteria that determine its value and classification. Let’s explore what defines a luxury property in Italy and what characteristics make it so.

When a Property is Defined as Luxury in Italy

Luxury properties in Italy are often mentioned in reference to beautiful villas, elegant homes with high-quality finishes and furnishings, but this is not enough. The exterior appearance and the quality of the materials used are certainly important but not sufficient. Let’s see together when a property is considered luxury in Italy and when it is defined as a luxury property.

In Italy, a property is considered luxury when it meets a series of specific requirements established by Italian law. These requirements cover various aspects, from total volume to usable surface area, to the presence of particular amenities and the location in prestigious areas. Only by meeting these criteria can a property be officially classified as luxury.

What Are the Characteristics of a Luxury Property in Italy

Now, let’s see what makes a property luxurious in Italy and how to determine if a property is luxurious. We have selected the main characteristics:

  • Volume exceeding 2000 cubic meters or with a building index of 0.25 cubic meters/square meter. This parameter ensures that the property has an adequate size and volume to be considered luxury.
  • Surface areas exceeding 200 square meters, excluding balconies, terraces, cellars, attics, stairs, and parking spaces from the calculation. The overall size of the dwelling is a crucial element for the classification of luxury.
  • Usable surface area exceeding 240 square meters. This includes the interior living spaces that are usable on a daily basis.
  • Presence of pools of at least 80 square meters. A pool of this size is not only a luxury but also an indicator of an exclusive and high-level lifestyle.
  • Construction areas in prestigious zones, where the land value is at least 1.5 times the construction cost. The location is fundamental: being situated in a prestigious area increases the value and perception of the property’s luxury.
  • Use of high-quality materials, such as marble, granite, fine wood, and natural stone finishes. These materials not only enhance the property’s aesthetics but also increase its quality and durability over time.

Now that you know what to look for and what makes a property luxurious according to Italian standards, you are better equipped to recognize a true prestigious property. Remember, searching for a luxury property in Italy requires attention to detail and a good understanding of legal and qualitative requirements.
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