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    At Raro Realty, our aim has always been to promote prestigious properties on the market in order to make our clients’ experience unforgettable. This has meant that the Raro Realty brand has become, with the passing of time, a symbol of guaranteed quality in the real estate sector and it is precisely for this reason that if you propose your property to us we promise to offer you all our expertise and assistance, as well as the security of a name on which to lay the foundations for your ad and the negotiation of sale.

    In particular, we are always on the lookout for prestigious properties located in strategic areas (connected to the city centre, surrounded by greenery, a stone’s throw from the sea): from the trullo to the farmhouse, from the villa with swimming pool to the historic residence, what we are looking for is the spark, something that makes us say “wow”.

    In return we guarantee you a complete service package.

    First and foremost, visibility: if you offer us your property, it will be presented on our website, on our social networks and within our B2B hub; you will have a catchment area that is a thousand times larger thanks to our Italian and foreign contacts, guaranteeing an exponential growth in sales opportunities. Not only that, but we’ll work together on the look of your ad: we’ll do a shoot and develop a tone of voice suited to customers potentially interested in your product. 

    In addition, and this is not to be underestimated, we will help you manage the bureaucratic aspects of the sale: one of our experts will guide you and advise you on the best practices whilst still matching them to your needs.

    As mentioned above, however, not all homes are suitable to become part of our circuit; when you propose your property, make us dream: try to make us understand what the strengths of your home are and why we should make it part of our family. These aspects will be crucial in the ad creation phase and will help us to develop the prototype of the clientele that will be most suitable for you. 

    If you think you have all the necessary requirements and want to become part of the Raro Realty universe, just fill out the form, we will be happy to meet you and your property and accompany you on this journey!

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