Do you want to collaborate and work with us in the Real Estate Business?

Whether you are an Estate Agent or a Marketing expert to register your interest just complete your details using the form below and press ‘submit’. Someone from the team will contact you to arrange a meeting and to discuss the technical and financial terms of a collaboration.

Raro Realty, a leading player in the real estate market with people who have been working in the sector for years, opens its doors to collaborators to consolidate its business and broaden relationships in the sale of Real Estate, especially in Southern Italy.

We are willing to collaborate with reliable and serious partners, who have been working in the sector for some time, with whom we can establish long-term relationships. We are interested both in collaborators with client portfolios focused on the purchase of properties and/or businesses such as the ones we deal with, and in individuals with a product to sell who have found it difficult to meet the right demand to finalise the negotiation. For both of these types of collaboration, we offer a specialised and technologically advanced platform on which to interact in partnership and business development.

In order to maintain a high standard and a level of quality that is unique in the sector, we need to make a selection, trying not to accumulate a large number of collaborators who belong to the same working area: to collaborate with us, therefore, we invite you to show us your qualifications, both personal and linked to your client portfolio, as we are very keen to have an exclusive relationship.

In return we are able to offer both a qualified portfolio of properties and business opportunities as well as a large audience of operators and customers interested in purchasing our products. We guarantee maximum transparency on our products and policies so that you have all the necessary information to pass on to your clients.

As far as properties for sale are concerned, we will be able to provide you with all the technical information about the property as well as a detailed photographic database. You can always count on a qualified and dedicated team of experts in sales and property administration who, thanks to excellent relationships with the local world, can provide you and your clients with a whole range of services and professionals such as notaries, surveyors, architects, engineers, builders, plumbers, electricians, gardeners, swimming pool maintenance etc. etc. to meet your every need.

We guarantee, of course, the same breadth of information regarding the other business opportunities on our website.

We hope we have stimulated your interest: if you have chosen to collaborate with us, please fill in the form below; we will contact you and arrange a meeting to establish the technical and economic terms of collaboration.

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