Commercial Properties

Commercial Properties

The passion for the world of real estate, in the Raro Realty universe, also applies to commercial properties and, in particular, to the world of hoteliers.

Oriented towards business users, the commercial real estate side of Raro Realty focuses on the hotel industry with different types of accommodation facilities: resorts, hotels, farms, bed & breakfast. Our in-depth knowledge of the sector allows us to create a meeting point between supply and demand, also making use of international tour operators. The exclusivity of our selection and the professionalism of our agents allows us to guarantee very high standards both in terms of the product proposed and the brokerage advice, offering the Raro Realty experience in all its completeness. 

As for the sale of prestigious properties, our proposal stands out from all the others on the market for its extreme attention to detail and the quality of the final product. Obviously, the quality of the final product also depends on the whole package of services dedicated to it, on the presence of an always active and timely assistance and on listening to the needs that gradually emerge.

Our knowledge of the area and the experience we have built up over the years has enabled us to offer dream locations that have made a real difference to the final level of the proposed product. A hotel located in the heart of Ostuni, the white city, or a bed & breakfast just a stone’s throw from the historic centre of Lecce, or a farmhouse in the Riviera dei Trulli allow you to live a dream experience starting from the location, guaranteeing the exclusivity of the Raro Realty world.

The selection that we show you is varied and designed on the basis of the different types of commercial property: whether it is a hotel, a masseria, a resort or a bed & breakfast, the requirements for both the type of property and the services associated with it could be different. A team of experts will take care of any specific needs, going into detail about the strengths of the accommodation proposals that may be reflected in the commercial property.

Whatever the specifics of your business, we recommend that you delve into our selection of commercial properties and contact us for any requests or needs.

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