Property informations

Antica Masseria da convertire in Hotel

  • Code: COM-1584
  • Type: Commercial Property
  • Commercial typology: Masseria
  • City: Taranto
  • Zone: Terre dei Messapi e del Primitivo

It is an ancient Masseria that dates back to the XIV century. It is located in Taranto, along the provincial road Talsano-Faggiano, in the immediate proximity to the crossroads of Pulsano-San Giorgio Jonico, and only 7,5 km from the beaches of Marina di Pulsano.

The structure is in an excellent condition and it is developed longitudinally. It has an open courtyard in its interior and other buildings within the area.

For a greater description we will divide the building into two distinct areas, part “A” and “B”.
In the portion “A” there are two main buildings. The buildings have a very simple architecture, typical of the local farms and of the period of construction, with linear elevations, enriched only by simple frames on the windows. Its arched doors and its vaulted ceilings help to step up the architectural value of the building.

The body of the building located along the west wall of the border (“Body 1″), was originally used to shelter animals. It is on the ground floor and is composed of eleven rooms, some with direct access from the courtyard outside. Ten rooms have particular ceilings,vaults,barrels and stella. The average internal height of the compartments is approximately 3.20 m and has a floor area of 214.30 sqm.


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  • Commercial category: 5L
  • Energy efficency class: nd
  • Energy performance index: nd


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