Property informations

  • Code: LUX-3222
  • Type: Luxury Property
  • Typology: Immobili storici e di pregio
  • City: Galugnano
  • Zone: Salento e Barocco
  • Status: For Sale

The Palazzo Baronale Dellanos, better known as the Galugnano Castle, is a noteworthy structure dating back to the 1400’s, a two-storey buiding with a quadrangular layout, with a surface area of approximately a 2500 square metres and an internal garden of around 700 square metres, with four roads encircling the perimeter walls.

The castle is situated in the Commune of Galugnano, just outside Lecce.

It is believed that the Messapians founded the town. Throughout the centuries it was then ruled by the Greeks, Romans, and Byzantines – until the feudal period. It is thanks to Ramirez Dellanos, a Spaniard, who bought the castle in 1587 and brought it to its present form, carrying out major works to extend the Palazzo.

The Castle is in the heart of the town, and is mentioned in many history books, books on architecture, and websites detailing the castles of Italy.

The Castle is currently owned by the Scupola family, who, throughout the years has carried out important structural works, meticulously reconstructing the architectural details weathered by time.

The vast halls, the chambers with frescos and huge fireplaces, all evoke times gone by – whilst the large glass windows under the verandas overlooking the garden allow the light to shine in on the white Leccese stone, of which the Castle is predominantly built. The flooring is intact, with old inlay flooring and wood weave floors that give warmth to the large halls.

The Castle’s electrical and heating systems are certified  – the electrical system has been divided into sections with meters on each floor.

Walking into the evocative square-shaped garden with palm trees and creepers, with only the fountain to break the silence, feels like walking straight into the past.

External halogen up-lighters illuminate the Castle’s architectural features.

The Castle is situated in a very strategic position. It is in the heart of the Salento, just outside Lecce, almost equidistant from the Adriatic and Ionian coast, and from Otranto and Gallipoli.



The internal courtyard is accessed via a columned portico with cross vaults. The courtyard gardens are filled with shrubs and trees - a peaceful place to enjoy the cool of the fountain and baths.

The loggias on the upper floor look onto the garden, and the entrance to the Castle’s service rooms.
The stone-flagged floors are occasionally decorated with ornate trimmings.


The Castle has a total of 25 rooms, 10 of which are furnished as bedrooms, and 8 as bathrooms.

The grand reception hall is stone clad and has a large fireplace. The walls are decorated with bas-reliefs, stone coats of arms, and wood shrines.

The smaller halls also have fireplaces, and unusual niches with plaster busts.

The doors are in wood, inlayed and painted in delicate colours with gilt finishes. The floors throughout the Castle are either in stone or coloured ceramics with geometrical patterns.

Also of great worth are the finishes in the Dining Room, with its stuccoes on the walls painted with historic images and war scenes, as well as geometrical designs, green gilded wooden doors, fireplace, bas-reliefs and plaster masks.


  • Compartments: 25
  • Bedrooms: 10
  • Bathrooms: 8
  • Square meter: 700 sq.m.
  • Lot size: 2500 sq.m.
  • Energy efficency class: nd
  • Energy performance index: nd